Information Regarding for Certified Revenue Cycle Executive Test Content

The below items have been proven to be included on this exam and candidates are highly encouraged to include these in test review. All sections will be covered: Patient Access, Billing and Credit/Collection

  1. 70% Passing Score is required for each section

  2. Must pass all sections to become certified

  3. Federal regulations and agencies only; no state specific regulations are covered

  4. Answer every question; there is no penalty for a wrong answer

  5. Some key areas: 

a. Medicare Parts A, B, D and C and be able to explain each one

b. Medicare Secondary Payer


d. Fair Credit Act

e. Advanced Beneficiary Notice

f. Bankruptcy types

g. Define Fraud and Abuse


a. Minimum of 25 on the exam

b. Must know what each letter represents ie, DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

c. Must be able to give 3-5 examples ie, walker, bed, wheelchair

d. All aspects of the revenue cycle are covered from admission through collections

Short Answer

a. Minimum of 20 on the exam

b. Be able to appropriately define terms such as Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

c. Explain what impact this has on patients or the healthcare facility; use full sentences

d. Partial credit is given so you are encouraged to write full descriptions

e. Examples are either required or, as stated above, encouraged

f. Read question carefully and watch for critical words


a. Minimum of 20 on the exam

b. Really read the question. This area can be tricky if you do not fully understand the term or idea being referenced.


a. 3-4 questions

b. Show your work; partial credit is given if the final calculation is not correct but you show how it was achieved

c. Be able to calculate Average Length of Stay, Days Aged in Accounts Receivable, Census