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OSGDiamond Healthcare Solutionsspecializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for healthcare revenue cycle management. Our patient-focused custom statement solutions help improve patients' understanding of their financial obligation to speed up payment collection and create a more positive patient experience, all delivered via a transparent, cost-effective print management system that boosts your staff productivity and reduces costs.

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Gulf Coast Collection Bureau sets the standard for accounts receivables management with integrity and responsibility. Healthcare receivables require specific sensitivity and balance. Gulf Coast Collection Bureau offers reliable and effective solutions for its clients, including third party debt collection, early out programs, extended business office services, payment monitoring, insurance appeals and re-billing, probate claim processing, and compliance consulting.

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Penn Credit is a leading provider of accounts receivable management services to healthcare providers throughout the United States.  Founded in 1987, we use the latest technology and highest ethical standards to earn an unsurpassed reputation for attaining optimum results and a superior level of service for our clients.  Our services include primary/secondary bad debt collection as well as extended business office services (EBO) through our Penn Billing outsource division.

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Bolder Healthcare provides Revenue Cycle AR Recovery Management services including AR billing and system Conversions, Medicaid eligibility services, third party liability (TPL)- Auto, zero balance/underpayment review, charge master review, medical record coding, bill audits and custom active receivable billing and self pay outsourcing programs.

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FIRM RCM is an attorney driven company that utilizes clinicians and case, contract and statutory law to assit hospitals in recovering denied, unpaid,a nd underpaid medical insurance claims. We are dedicated exclusively to healthcare and proved services to hosptitals from coast to coast.  

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OVAG International is the leading provider of international receivables management and debt collection services to the U.S. healthcare industry, handling accounts from billing to bad debt.  Let our multi-lingual, Swiss-based agency assist your facility with any or all of your international receivables needs; including foreign and travel insurance, self pay, and Embassy accounts.

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SNS was established in March 2001 with its main goal to help hospitals resolve and get paid any outstanding insurance claims.  SNS has worked computer conversions, coordination of benefits, appeals, motor vehicle, worker's compensation, denials, basically we work all types of insurance with the exception of traditional Medicare and Medicaid.  SNS works directly on the hospital system as if we were right in your office as an added FTE for your facility.  All employees of SNS are AAHAM CRCP (management level) certified.  SNS takes great pride in our ability to help hospitals liquidate their outstanding receivables.

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AR Resources is a full service accounts receivable management and collection company serving creditors throughout the United States. We offer various Accounts Receivable solutions ranging from precollection programs to traditional bad debt contingency collections. Our staff, technology and committment to our clients has allowed us to achieve superior results. This combination delivers a better option for creditors.

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Bacen & Jordan, P. A. was established as a law firm specializing exclusively in healthcare legal recovery issues. For over 30 years, the firm has represented a substantial number of providers while confronting a multitude of reimbursement challenges faced by the Healthcare industry. As your professional legal partners, we will demonstrate a significant competitive edge over other recovery groups. While our principal concentration has always been highly personalized service and excellent results obtained in a professional manner, our fee structure is also considered extremely competitive by industry standards. We provide an integrated system of collection programs: managed care contract/compliance, third party denial/short pay resolution, workers’ compensation, hospital lien early intervention, early-out projects, RAC appeals/ALJ hearings, and litigation/arbitration. 

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BCC Financial Management Services, Inc. has been the successful solution to Accounts Receivables Management and collections for Healthcare facilities and large Physician groups, since 1991.  Servicing facilities in the entire Revenue Cycle, Specializing with Active Receivable at conversion, Extended Business Office solutions and all levels of Bad Debt collections.  Additionally, our Revenue Cycle Support includes providing Coding services, to help with back logs, keeping DNFB days in check and providing off-site support when needed. 

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Since 1993, DECO Recovery Management has assisted hospitals with a full suite of eligibility management services.  Our team ensures the effective and efficient conversion of bad debt into revenue that flows directly into the hospitals bottom line.  Our 94% capture rate means that you get paid for the services you provide and don't have to use valuable resources to make it happen.  We believe exceptional efforts produce exceptional results and we are driven to make the DECO difference each day!  

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MSCB is a proven leader in medical collections. Current clients no longer settle for what is good but instead achieve what is great. MSCB goes out of the way to support clients. Although MSCB cannot provide clinical care the service provided is part of the patient's overall experience. It is important to approach each patient as an extension of the care they received while being treated at the hospital. MSCB believes you can achieve exceptional returns without compromising a patient's rights or dignity. 

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EnableComp partners with over 800 healthcare providers to maximize their complex claims reimbursement by having the best people, processes, products and performance.  Our industry leading technology and analytics identifies the right payer, at the right time, for the right amount ensuring clients collect the appropriate revenue for their complex claims. 


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Smarter business decisions.  A better bottom line.  Stronger patient relationships.  At Experian Health, we are uniquely positioned to collect, connect and protect data across the healthcare ecosystem, delivering the insights you need to improve your business and enhance the overall consumer experience.  Let's work together to simplify healthcare for all. 

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MyCare Finance is the customizable patient financing solution that is designed by the Healthcare Provider, hospital or physician. MyCare is an unfunded solution that does not require a credit check for the patient and the provider is never charged a servicing fee. There is no recourse for this program which manages your patient's payment plans for you, MyCare Finance solutions have accelerated cash, identified charity,and helped reduce provider's abandoned call rates all the while providing excellent customer service to your patients. 

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The Sage Law Offices is a Florida Law Firm formed in 1991 by healthcare lawyers to provide specialized services on behalf of healthcare providers in their collection of accounts receivables. We have earned an excellent reputation in the South Florida healthcare community for our professionalism and our ability to expeditiously resolve over 400,000 cases with a total value in excess of $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion Dollars), collecting over $100,000,000 (100 Million Dollars).  Our primary specialization is and has always been healthcare collection. By focusing 100% on healthcare collections, and in particular healthcare payer issues, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to quickly and accurately identify the relevant and material issues which will enable our client to maximize their recoveries. 

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MaxRTE Insurance Eligibility Software is uncomplicated, dependable, and flexible.  We know that getting paid - or prompt payment - often is dependent upon knowing what the patient's benefits are up front.  maxRTE provides instantaneous eligibility verificaiton - at the point of registration - eliminating manual processes and multiple system logins, in real-time or batch.  

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ApprioHealth partners with healthcare organizations to provide Enrollment, Disability, Liability & Insurance Recovery solutions which improve operational and financial performance while positively impacting patient satisfaction.  ApprioHealth's approach combines proven work-flows, leading and secure technology, and a certified team of healthcare RCM experts to consistently exceed customers' expectations. 

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